About Me

I started coding in year 3, but all I did was scratch. It was a good introduction for me as it taught me basic programming principles such as variables and so on. After a bit, I moved on to C++ which is avoided due to it being extremely hard. However, I did not know this at the time. I built a lot of small beginner apps such as an adventure game and a chatbot which helped to further my knowledge on more programming principles such as conditionals and variable types. After a while, I became bored of C++ and wanted to make something that you could properly see, like a website. I then started learning HTML and CSS. After some time, I learnt JavaScript, which didn’t take too long seeming as some of it was identical to C++. After a while I wanted to further my JavaScript knowledge, so I learnt React which allowed me to create a lot of apps such as a memory game and a calculator. I was happy as to where I was, but I still wanted to further my knowledge, so I learnt TypeScript and the Next JS. Typescript is JavaScript but with extra features such as being able to make statically typed variables allowing type safety and improved IntelliSense. Next JS allows you to easily create page routes and is what I’m using to make this website.